Testing Services

Our Portfolio of Testing Services

Engine Performance

AFC’s state-of-the-art engine and chassis dynamometer allow us to offer comprehensive performance testing to a variety of clients. Whether you are interested in evaluating the efficiency of a fuel additive or in fuel economy, The Center is geared up in working with you to customized your testing needs.

Fuel Characterization

We provide fuel testing services for biofuels and advanced fuels, including biodiesel, biodiesel blends, ULSD and renewable diesel. All tests are performed following ASTM protocols. The Center supports clients in the biofuels industry, fleets, universities, local farms, and others.

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines

The Center has several engines that are available for engine testing like:

  • 12.8L Mack-Volvo D13F-485
  • 6.7L ISP Engines
  • 8.9L ISL Cummins
  • CAT C15
  • Detroit 60 Series Engines
  • Kenworth T-100 semi-truck

Fuel Testing Fees

Our team of researchers and fuels and engine testing experts are committed in delivering independent product evaluation, including fuels, fuel additives, and other engine enhancement products.

Diesel and Biodiesel Tests by ASTM Standards:

  • Diesel Specification Testing (ASTM D975)
  • Biodiesel Specification Testing (ASTM D6761)
  • Biodiesel Blends Specification Testing (ASTM D7467)

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AFC’s Engine Test Bed

AC Dynamometer

AFC uses a 525 kW (704 hp) AVL AC Dynamometer to conduct steady-state and dynamic engine test runs. With the AC dynamometer’s low mass inertia, we are able to conduct routine transient test runs.
We use an integrated engine testing automation system to control our engine test- bed and to ensure test-retest reliability.

Engine Emission Monitoring

With constantly changing regulations on engine exhaust emissions, emission monitoring has became a vital component of every engine performance testing. Our highly sophisticated emission equipment allows for real-time measurements of 24 different gases including EPA regulated emissions.