Sept 9, 2016

Balancing work, school, and play

By William Cochran

September 9, 2016


Will prepared glasswares to be used in an experiment


It’s that time of the year again! The start of a new school year. Some of us are excited, while others may be a little less so than others. I may be a little more excited than others as it is my senior year here at Northern! (I am also pretty excited to continue working in the Advanced Fuels Center!)

Juggling the coursework of my senior year with my work here at the center will take a bit of a balancing act on my part, and my weekends will see a spike in homework. Balancing work with schooling will be accomplished on my part by sticking to a very clear schedule (which will definitely take some getting used to). On the Brightside while pursuing a degree in biology I am building much needed experience and tacking that on to my resume!

I expect working at the Center will benefit my resume immeasurably, which will help in my post-graduation career goals. As of now I am not concrete on my professional goals, currently entertaining thoughts of military service post-grad. After that I fully intend to further my education by pursuing a masters in biological sciences, leaning towards Mycology (the study of Fungi).

Have a great semester everyone!