Oct 7, 2016

A Presentation in Bozeman

By Brody Dahlman

October 7, 2016


Brody in the lab

On September 26th Randy, Alex, and I traveled down to good ole Bozeman, Montana.  There we would be getting a tour and learning what other campuses are researching as well as where all the Montana Research and Economic Development Initiative (MREDI) funding is going. We already know what we are doing here in Havre, so it was really nice to see what Bozeman is doing. The full tour included hopping on a train to Missoula to tour their facilities as well, but due to limited time we only did tour of Bozeman.

Everything started on Wednesday at the Procrastination Theatre on Bozeman’s campus. We arrived and began mingling with professors, scientists, researchers, etc. from an assortment of other campuses. There were also a few members of the legislature there to learn about the grant-funded research as well.

We sat and listened to a variety of presentations.  One specifically dealt with improving the efficiency of Montana farm and ranch lands.  A lot of this research and testing actually came from the Northern Agricultural Research Center (NARC) here in Havre. Additionally, we toured a lab that was working on the utilization of unmineable coal resources in Montana by using a new technology of algal/cyanobacterial growth in Coal Bed Methane wastewaters. We also toured some other facilities dealing with innovative laser optics technology and the One Medicine Project.

Near the end of the tour, Randy presented to the entire group about what we do here at the Advanced Fuels Center on MSU-Northern’s campus. Since the group wasn’t able to tour our facilities, it was to educate people on how our $800k grant was being used. It was amazing and well-presented by Randy.  I think most people really enjoyed it and maybe it will make them want to come see our facility sometime to learn more about what we do here. We thank the legislation for providing us funds to continue our research here at MSU-Northern to better our great state of Montana.

To get a taste of the presentation, go to MSUN’s homepage and watch the video in the scroll bar put together by University Relations.  Click here to learn more about the MREDI funding and projects.