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Hello all, I am currently enjoying my fourth and last semester working with the Advanced Fuels Center here at Northern. In December, I will be finished on campus with my Agricultural Operations Technology degree and be headed out into the “real world”.
While my studies are focused towards the agriculture world, I have always had a strong interest in chemistry and other sciences. For me, working with the Advanced Fuels Center has been an awesome mix of both agriculture and chemistry. Not only is it interesting and rewarding, but the skills and knowledge that I continue to gain through working here are a wonderful asset for my future.
Some of the current work I am doing in the lab involves testing various properties of multiple additives in biodiesel, including a bio-additive that I helped to synthesize last semester. Tests such as pour point, oxidative stability, cloud point, sulfur content, and more allow us to compare how each additive affects the properties of biodiesel, analyze what is occurring on a molecular level, and for example; determine if our newly synthesized bio-additive has potential for expanded future use.
As always, I am looking forward to the work we will be doing the rest of this semester.